Vadodara Marathon 2019

Vadodara Marathon The Marathon With A Heart

Vadodara Marathon's motto is Sports with Seva and Swachhata. We support various local social and civic causes. VM is a proud member of Nirmalayam: Mission Clean Vadodara campaign, to help create awareness and educate Vadodara’s citizens of Swachchata and how to keep Vadodara clean. Vadodara Marathon pledged its support to Hon. Prime Minister's vision of a Swachh Bharat by 2019, and joined hands with the Municipal Corporation to take forward the Swachh Vadodara mission in our city. VM has supported Vadodara Traffic Education Trust (VTET), Clean Vadodara Green Vadodara campaign, Voter Awareness campaign, Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and its early detection, Vadodara as a Safe Smart city for women, Vadodara’s heritage and culture, unity and harmony, water conservation, women’s empowerment through IT Skills Development, Swachhata Abhiyaan, and Mission Clean Vadodara, to name a few.

VM offers a platform for local NGO’s to partner with it, to raise awareness and funds for their causes and to achieve their objectives. A special 5 Km Pledge Run is organised for NGO partners, to raise awareness, pledges and funds for various causes. This offers a unique opportunity for NGOs to bond as a team, enhance morale and spirit, as well as showcase the causes supported by them and raise funds.

This time VM has partnerd with "Help Your NGO" to raise funds for NGO, Click on the below link to know more.
beCAUSE we run together!

Making a Difference

VM focuses on Sports & Seva. VIHM 2016 pledged its support to Hon. Prime Ministers vision of Swacch Bharat, and joint hands with VMSS.

This time VM has partnerd with "Help Your NGO" to raise funds for NGO.

Vadodara Traffic Education Trust, which educates traffic volunteers to assist and provide service to Vadodara.

NGO Information

LOGO NGO Name About Us Causes Supported How You Can Help
YOGA PRABHA BHARATI (SEVA SANSTHA) TRUST YOGA PRABHA BHARATI (SEVA SANSTHA) TRUST was formed in the year 2000 primarily to propagate the practice and benefits of ‘Samarpan Meditation’ to any human being interested in seeking the ‘Truth’. It is taught totally FREE OF COST. It is taught by His Holiness Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji, a living Divine Master from India. Yoga Prabha Bharati (Seva Sanstha) Trust has succeeded in spreading the teachings of Samarpan Meditation & its benefits in the last 16 years to millions of individuals across the country and also to overseas namely in UK, Germany, Singapore, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Peru, etc. Life these days is increasingly driven by competition resulting in stress, dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment. How then can one achieve Inner Peace, Happiness and Satisfaction in life? Meditation is a universal technique that clears one’s mind and connects one’s inner energy to the Universal Energy, leading to the pure joy of being one with Universal Consciousness, and experiencing unlimited Peace and Happiness. The Trust is also involved in supporting the holistic way of living and includes in its agenda support and propagation of Classical Music, Ayurveda & Yoga among many others. The Trust proposes to form Ashrams & spread its teachings by holding mega meditation camps across the country. The Ashrams shall be in a sense a ‘Garage of the Soul’. The primary cause of all problems in humans is - ‘thoughts’. We are aware of the effects noise, air and water pollution; however man is yet to comprehend the effects of THOUGHT pollution on humanity. Today man lives in densely populated cities and hence is affected by the same in a big way. This leads to one’s thoughts swinging from the PAST to the FUTURE, but rarely remaining in the PRESENT. SAMARPAN MEDITATION teaches us the ART OF LIVING IN THE PRESENT by connecting with nature. Ashrams are proposed to be developed at secluded locations in the country, with the objective of providing space & an environment in tune with nature. These Ashrams will help visitors re-charge their depleted mental batteries & return to society reinvigorated, balanced with a sense of purpose to face life’s challenges afresh. A small event can have a budget of Rs. 50,000 with bigger event having budget of upto Rs. 20,00,000. However, any amount donated will go to the collection fund to carry out such a activities.
Change Vadodara Campaign Our mission is to built a joyous, balanced and self sufficient society where brotherhood persists, where the needs of all are catered and where everyone is a part of the overall development. SLUM UPLIFTMENT AND CHILD EDUCATION As you give Rs. 500, 50 kids will be able to write in notebooks... As you give Rs. 1000, 50 children will be able eat fruits... As you give Rs. 3000, 1 batch of children will be enlightened through educational toys... As you give Rs. 6000, 1 child from slum will go to school As you give Rs. 50,000 we will adopt a new batch of students. As they get something, you will get selfless Smiles.
Team SATYA Team SATYA is a team of friends working on awareness of de-addiction. Our field is not limited to addiction of smoking, alcohol & Drugs, but we also focus on addiction of technology like Television, Mobile, Social media on teenagers of today’s generation. Team SATYA has pledged to spread awareness among students of school & colleges of Gujarat state. In order to save their future, we have committed ourselves to our future generation by helping them out through counselling & medication under the guidance of Psychologists & Psychiatrists. Awareness of De-addiction in Teenagers & Youth Betterment of life of addicted person Youth Empowerment Donate Rs. 3000; A workshop for awareness of de-addiction in school Donate Rs. 10000; A workshop for awareness of de-addiction in university (Whole Faculty) Donate Rs. 5000; Counselling & Medication of 1 teenager (Addicted to Alcohol, Drugs or Smoking) Donate to Upliftment of life & better future of addicted person after his/her counselling
SROTOSHWINI TRUST, VADODARA We have three major activities. Pathshala, a mobile informal school for the underprivileged children. We teach street kids and slum kids. Pathbhavan: A library cum activity center for the children of Sanjaynagar, a slum at Sama. Churni Collections: A creative initiative for women's empowerment through skill development Education for underprivileged children. Women's empowerment We run a hostel for 11 underprivileged children. The total cost per month is Rs 60,000. We have a plan to build up a hostel for 100 children. The construction cost Rs almost 1.5 crores. The NOC of the land is in the pipeline. We welcome any amount for the construction. website:
Vidyanagar Nature Club / Voluntary Nature Conservancy Our Goal/mission is to create an Environmentally Sensitive Global Society that has an I Care for Nature Attitude Objectives of VNC: To inculcate respect and love for the environment as a basic life value in every individual to achieve sensitivity towards environmental issues by thinking global and acting local. To encourage self-learning as well as collaborative processes through interactive and innovative activities wherein each individual contributes and becomes a part and parcel of the entire movement and hence realizes that ‘Learning about and with Nature is fun’. To develop and appreciate Adaptive Living. VNC's Activities can be broadly divided under three heads 1) Environment Education 2) Conservation & Research & 3) Awareness & Advocacy Environment Education • Anubhav: Outdoor Experiential Educational Program • Environment Education in Govt. Schools • Nature Education Camps • Organic Kitchen Gardening for Urban children Conservation & Research • Assessment of status, distribution and conservation issues of Forest Owlet in South Gujarat. • Conservation of Indian wolf in human-dominated arid region of Kutch • Crocodile Conservation in Charotar • Developing solutions for Human Crocodile Conflicts, in Gujarat India. • Man-Animal Conflict by Crocodile in Bharuch, Narmada and Surat District (selected Villages of Vadodara district) • Mapping of road side Trees of Valabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat • Quality assessment of Drinking Water in Anand –Vidyanagar • Understanding and mitigating crop raiding of Indian Wild Ass in Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Awareness & Advocacy • Arachnids: Documentation of Spiders of Gujarat • Greenathon : 1/4th Marathon & 10km Cyclying • OOSM : Observational Outing on Sunday Mornings • Public Bio-Diversity Register, Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha, Gujarat • Reptile Education Program • Save the vultures campaign • Snakebite Mitigation program. • Tree Conservation within human habitat area • Tree Plantation • Walkability survey of Anand & Vidyanagar To sustain our activities of nature conservation and environmental education, we require your support and funds. We assure you that your help will be received with gratitude, will be applied strictly for the purpose you earmark and what VNC stands for… VNC carries out many activities in collaboration with many schools, colleges and Universities. One can join VNC as a member and then as a volunteer.
BARODA CITIZENS COUNCIL BARODA CITIZENS COUNCIL……Since 1966 The ideology “Think Globally Act Locally Through Cooperation” has become BARODA CITIZENS COUNCIL (BCC) modus operandi. The idea of initiating private and public partnership was conceived 50 years back and today BCC has emerged as a well known Community Development Organization striving towards being an affective change agent linking people with various Govt/Private service. In 1966 Baroda Citizens Council, was initiated in Baroda with the tripartite partnership of the American Quakers group, Gujarat Federation of Industries, Vadodara Municipal Corporation and the M.S. University of Baroda. Our key working sector of Education includes: • Balwadis: Preschool center for slum children • Anganwadi Adoption Program- Adopted 34 Anganwadis • Childline- HELPLINE – 1098 An emergency free phone service for children in distressed • Savera-Educational sponsorship program (supporting 750 children) • PASS-Program for providing supportive education for under privileged children • Day Care Center for the Mentally Challenged Children BCC also runs a counseling centre for Women in the Central prison. It works in community for prevention of HIV/AIDS by increasing awareness and knowledge, promoting safe sex and providing quality STD treatment. BCC is also involved in the Protection and Education of the children in all the 41 villages of Shinor taluka with support from UNICEF and have also adopted Luna village in Padra taluka. Baroda Citizens Council works in the fields of Women, Children and Health. For Vadodara Marathon BCC’s cause is “Education for each child”. Donate Rs. 5000 - Sponsor a Child’s education for a year

VM Mission

Vadodara Marathon aims to be a facilator to promote civic couses by encouraging individuals, corporates and soical organizations to callaborate with shared time and resouces.
VM is committed to enhanceing and promoting health and wellness of the individual and nation at large through the joy of the sport of running.

Only Marathon to be flagged off all 4 times by Hon. PM (then CM) Shri.Narendra Modi.