Vadodara Marathon 2019

Vadodara International Marathon 2016 - Travel Information

Vadodara, a town in Gujarat in India, also known as Baroda, is named after the Vad (banyan) trees that flourish in the area.

The language spoken by people in Vadodara varies, but almost everyone speaks Gujarati and Hindi. Most young people speak passable English, and in certain areas you will meet people that are fluent in English. Alkapuri is heavily frequented by NRI's (non-resident Indians) and has western restaurants (Pizza Hut, McDonald's, etc.), stores (Adidas, Nike, etc.), etc. This area is frequented by highly affluent individuals and you can generally find English speaking people by a large scale.

Get In

By plane:
You can get into Vadodara on a domestic flight, and it is reasonably connected to the rest of the country by domestic airlines like Indian Airlines, IndiGo, GoAir and Jet Airways (there are several smaller and cheaper operators, too. The nearest international airport is about 100 km away in Ahmedabad to which is served by Air India, Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

By train:
The Vadodara Junction Railway Station is the busiest Railway Station in Gujarat. It is situated on the Mumbai - Delhi Western Railway Main Line. You can get premium trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani from Vadodara. Humble Mail/Express Trains are also available which connect you to almost the entire country. Passenger Trains are also available which take you to small villages and towns nearby Vadodara and even in Gujarat.

By car:
The National Highway no.8 passes through Vadodara. It is connected by excellent roads. There is an express highway to Ahmedabad, and highway travel is fairly speedy by road, at least to other places in the western part of the country. Its going to be a 6 Lane road soon.

By bus:
The main bus station is the STC bus station that is a stones throw away from the railway station (Vadodara Junction). Non-airconditioned buses leave from here which connect you to all the parts of Gujarat and the major cities of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Intercity Buses leave every 15 minutes to Ahmedabad, taking 2 hours on the expressway and costing Rs. 68 per person (Jun 08). These buses are available right opposite to the Vadodara Railway Station after crossing the Road opposite to the Station.

Get Around

By plane:

Local transport consists mainly of City Buses and three-wheelers called auto-rickshaws which are very cheap and easily available. Rate cards are available with rickshaw drivers.

The VITCOS City Buses take you to all parts of the city and the VITCOS Bus Stand is right opposite to the Railway Station. The buses are very comfortable and cheap.

By Car:
You can easily move about in Vadodara by Car. There are many car rental companies available which provide world-class services.
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  • Vadodara has an excellent golf course- "The Gaekwad Baroda Golf Club".
  • The world famous Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) is in Vadodara and has one of the largest campuses in Gujarat.
  • Travel to Sankheda near Vadodara to see the making of lovely lacquer coated furniture.
  • Travel to Champaner to be at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the remains of medieval mosques and a medieval city whose architecture is special because it was Islamic buildings executed by Hindu and Jain workmen...a very unique style.
  • Visit the Fatehsingh museum, to view several Raja Ravi Verma originals- the royal family of Vadodara has a notable collection of his works.
  • Check out the Tribal Academy at Tejgarh, near Chota Udepur.

VM Mission

Vadodara Marathon aims to be a facilator to promote civic causes by encouraging individuals, corporates and soical organizations to callaborate with shared time and resouces.
VM is committed to enhanceing and promoting health and wellness of the individual and nation at large through the joy of the sport of running.

Only Marathon to be flagged off all 4 times by Hon. PM (then CM) Shri.Narendra Modi.